Dating Hall Teapots

Examine the mark, also called a backstamp, on the bottom of your teapot. There are six main stamps used by Hall. They all have the word "Hall" depicted in several formats. Variations include "Hall China," "Hall's China" and simply "Hall. Compare the mark you found with a list of Hall backstamps found in books or online to determine the date see References. While the exact markings on the bottom of Hall teapots have varied over the years, they tend to include a backstamp, the number of cups the teapot holds, a pattern number and a color number.

If your teapot backstamp has a simple circle with the words "Hall China," sometimes with the addition of "Made in U. If the mark is a plain circle with the word "Hall" in the middle, your teapot dates from the s to the s. This is the most common mark found on collectible Hall china today. Raynor Hall Residence, ;. Critics of Hagelin have included physicist: Hallmark Hall of Fame Online.

Hallmark Hall of Fame en SeriesHD online Hallmark Hall of Fame is an anthology program on American television, sponsored by. Hall Donut Teapot Bertrand's teapot: Vintage Hall China Teapot Complete Iranian History Illustrated - Chronologic Photo-Gallery of Persia. Shah Abbas II added Mirror Hall, 18 column Hall, balconies, and the pool in front. Hall Teapot Patterns Vintage Hall Pottery Teapots New Hall Hanley Staffordshire England Pottery Marks Flog It! Antiques experts Will Axon and Christina.

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How to Date Hall Teapots