Date Ideas For Cold Rainy Days

This will make it more intimate and no need to neither wait for tables nor rush any conversation. Pizza date nights are always great. But having them delivered at your house is simply the best! Pizza and PJs is the perfect couple anyway. And yes, extra cheese and pepperoni of course! It will not just waste both your time but will also ruin the mood.

Rooftop Stargazing This is one of the sweetest stay-at-home date night ideas! Bug sprays and snacks will also be fantastic. Puzzle Night Organize a puzzle night challenge. All you need are puzzles and a timer — it is best if do it by rounds of difficulty to make sure it does not end up boring. Buy puzzles with varying images for the easy, difficult and crazy round.

The winner gets a prize which both of you can decide prior to the game. Board Game Twists Similar to the previous number, but this time choose your all-time favorite board games. Cook-off If both of you love food, then this date idea is perfect! Then just get busy in the kitchen. Remember, to have a happy heart, one must have a filled tummy too. Talk about this idea in advance so you can have good prep time.

You might want to go as exotic as possible. Foods that boost your sex drive 8. Wine Night Buy wines and be instant connoisseurs. Compare your notes and discuss your rating. You can buy any wine you like and do not really need to be expensive. You can even go for local brews if you like. Cocktail Experiment If you guys are dying to know what happens when you add cherries and cantaloupe to vodka then try this date idea.

I know this sound really good already but before you buy coconuts and cinnamon do a little research first if it can be mixed with certain alcohol or spirits. The last thing you want is to invent a deadly potion that will send you straight to the emergency room. Spooky Night This works well with couples who are avid fans of horror movies and mysteries.

Share your own ghost stories or someone you know over some chips and drinks. You can even have a scare fest DVD marathon after. Hugs and cuddles guaranteed. Question and Answer Portion For couples who are just recently dating, this is one certainly unique way to break the ice. Preferably, tell her about your plan at least a week before. Create question cards that you would like the other person to answer. Here are some examples: How do you feel about kissing on first dates?

Collage Making If both of you already have tons of photos, have them printed and make a collage together. So hurry and put that popcorn on the microwave now. Classic Night Almost similar to DVD and Netflix dates but make this extra special by popping in the classics. This is your chance! Talk about what you guys would like to do or portray. Make sure to go all out — costumes, props, food, etc! Home Makeover Been itching to paint your wall? Involve her to your home makeover project!

You have the option to discuss your renovation plans with her and even ask her opinion. This could have endless possibilities. Go make some colorful sidewalk chalk puddles to splash around in! Paint on your body and then let the rain wash it away Check out slide 3!! Bottle Top Leaf Boats — Oh I love this idea. So easy, but so entertaining… and a little less messy than some of the other outdoor rain activities.

Make a little boat out of whatever you have lying around! See what you can create by painting in the puddles! Go ahead and jump in and get wet! Sit down and crack one open as a family! Or choose another kind of workout that you love! Make Your Own Board Games — My husband has been trying to convince me to do this for years.

Here are some great pointers and ideas for creating your own board games. The change of scenery will lift the mood for sure. Get everyone in the kitchen helping to create a culinary masterpiece! Jigsaw Puzzle — Puzzles can be such a fun family project! One puzzle can entertain us for a day or two or even a whole week! You can make a big deal out of it by setting up pictures with props and then print them out on your magnetic sheet! Nothing warms you up more than grilled cheese and soup!

Let your family make their own mini pizzas! If you love popcorn, you will love creating your own little popcorn bowls with plenty of fun toppings. Taco Bar — I love tacos. They are a super easy dinner that you can throw together and the whole family will enjoy sitting together and enjoying their individual tacos. This is a simple 3 ingredient recipe that tastes Ah-Mazing! Waffle Bar — Who loves breakfast for dinner??

Blue is the perfect color for those rainy days! But you could do any color and have a fun family dinner! This post is full of some great picnic ideas! But how about these cookie boats??? Filled with Ice Cream and chocolate-y goodness!? Sit down and enjoy the show! Let the gaming begin!!! This cuddle kit will make your night even more special! Spa Date — Give a little love and attention to your spouse with ideas from this Spa Date.

Would You Rather Date Night — This would be a fun way to get your spouse talking about some fun things… Make a game of it! If not, you need to have a special Sweet Home Alabama night!!

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